About us


Black cabin is more than just a Name...

It is the inspiration for what we do. The real black cabin sits high in the Colorado Rockies amid Douglas firs that creak in the infamously gusty canyon winds. It is where this journey began, incubating Black Cabin until it was strong enough to grow on its own. Space was tight - fitting an entire screen printing operation in a tiny cabin that only recently got electricity has its challenges. And the nights were long - routinely working until early in the morning to make up for physical limitations. But, in the spirit of the roughnecked miners who were hardened by the same inhospitable land a century before, Black Cabin, too, became stronger through adversity.

We specialize in custom apparel, especially for small businesses, groups and events. However, this is far from all we do. Embroidery, graphic design, copy writing and speciality printing are all services we provide. Couple our services with our extensive network of artists and collaborators and we can solve all of your design and product needs under one roof.

Please come check out our shop in Englewood, we are more than happy to show you around the shop and describe our process.